“Perfect Pitch” – 14/06/2020 – 107 Meridian FM by 107 Meridian FM | Mixcloud

Hello friends and followers. This is the reason manuscriptnotes.com has been a bit quiet of late!

Here is my first stab at a radio show. Back again on Sunday 10am, do join me if you can, Nick.

Listen to “Perfect Pitch” – 14/06/2020 – 107 Meridian FM by 107 Meridian FM for free. Follow 107 Meridian FM to never miss another show.
— Read on m.mixcloud.com/MeridianFM/pitch-perfect-14062020-107-meridian-fm/

8 thoughts on ““Perfect Pitch” – 14/06/2020 – 107 Meridian FM by 107 Meridian FM | Mixcloud”

  1. Perfect Pitch is perfect!! You are as magical with the spoken word as you are with written words. I loved hearing you speak, but you probably know that Americans are smitten with English accents. Of course, it’s the content of your program that is the real draw. The selections come alive for the listener because of your excellent guidance. Knowing a little of the background of a composer or piece adds a great deal to one’s understanding and pleasure. I applaud this undertaking wholeheartedly and wish you all the best for the programs to follow.


    1. That’s very kind of you, Anne, thank you so much! And thank you, just as much, for going to the trouble of writing like that, it means a great deal. This was my first foray into this area, and I’m back again on Sunday, so I will send the next one. I hope I can combine it with continuing to do the blog, but it’s on hold just for the moment, while I concentrate on this!


      1. Your first program was fantastic, and I know your second one will be, too. We’re going to have a full house over a two-week period, so I won’t be able to listen until the dust settles.

        I hope to go back to the station’s site today to see if my comment went through. My computer became comatose when trying to post it, and I had to shut it down.

        I think preparing an hour show must take an inordinate amount of time. Since you might not have time to do a blog post, it would be great to have the link for the show.


      2. 10am UK time is probably a bit early, isn’t it?! I’m sorry I’m not techie enough to know how to send you the link, but if you go to MeridianFM 107 on Google, it will take you to the site. At the top of the page, there is a listen now option.
        To be honest, I think it is probably better for you on listen again a day or so later, because you will not get all the adverts in between!


      3. I woke up early today, so a nap will be in order later. This is an advantage of retirement!

        I listened to your show using the link you provided, and it worked well — no ads. I had trouble trying to leave a comment on their site. I’m not sure whether the glitch was with my computer or the station’s sign-in procedure. I wanted to leave public praise for your marvelous show. It deserved shouts of praise.


  2. Nick , I missed the first half hour on Sunday and I have just picked it up. It was great, a wonderful measured introduction to a new series and very very informative to a beginner like me. Well done, keep it up. I hope to be able to catch the whole programme every Sunday. James


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